Stuck in a rut? Let us inspire you on your hand-making journey.

How It Works

When you become a Fiberista, we work hard to inspire and challenge you as a maker. 

Each month you'll receive an inspirational package, featuring our favorite yarns, fiber, and patterns.

Step 1

Select which club works best for you. Whether your prefer lace or super chunky yarn, we'll make sure the send your favorites. 

Step 2

 Let us know which colors you love and which ones you might be allergic to - if you love all colors that works, too! 

Step 3

We'll pack up your shipment and send it via USPS. A tracking number will be forwarded to you as soon as your package is on the way. 

Brands We've Featured

Want to get an idea of the wonderful brands you'll be sent? Here are a few we've featured in previous shipments: