How It Works 

When you become a Fiberista, we work hard to inspire and challenge you as a maker. 

Each month you'll receive an inspirational package, featuring our favorite yarns, fiber, and patterns.

Step 1

Select which club works best for you. Whether your prefer lace or super chunky yarn, we'll make sure the send your favorites. 

Step 2

Let us know which colors you love and which ones you might be allergic to - if you love all colors that works, too!  

Step 3

We'll pack up your shipment and send it via USPS. A tracking number will be forwarded to you as soon as your package is on the way. 

Why Join FC?

Sure, getting a surprise package in the mail with fiber goodies is fun - but so what? Well, here are a few things that make us unique:

Personalize Your Experience

Your package is hand packed based on your individual preferences; broad them if you want to be challenged or refine them to make sure you stay within your comfort zone. Don't like what you get? Exchange it for free.

Small Club, Big Fun

We have maximum numbers of spots in each club. While this limits enrollment, our membership caps allow us to partner with a broad range of dyers: you'll receive some established favorites as well as enjoy small batch yarn dyed by one-person operations. We support all yarn companies, both big and small.

Save Money

Your shipment includes yarn and patterns that have a higher retail value than your subscription fee. This discount allows you to cultivate your stash for a little less than it would be otherwise. 

Supplement Your Shipment

Did you fall in love with what you received? (This happens quite often). No worries - as a Fiberista, you can purchase additional yarn at 20% the retail price so you can make a larger project based on your personal pattern library.

Support Fiber Artists

It takes a lot of skill, knowledge, and mastery to source yarn and make it so pretty. We enjoy supporting fiber artists and their hard work. As a Fiberista, your membership doesn't only support FC - it supports artists in the industry who are passionate about their products and the end result of your projects.

Become A Fiberista Today!

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We can't wait to have you as a member of our club. Sign-up today: spots are limited, and our membership numbers are capped. Once we're full, we're full!